"What's Your Story? "

Shawnessy Rodriguez M.A. ed. has served children and families in education for over two decades. She has served as a Teacher, a TOA, a Vice Principal and an Early Education Administrator.  As an Early Education Administrator, she took pride in managing State Preschool, Family Literacy, Even Start, Infant/Toddler, School-Age Daycare, Cal-SAFE, Head Start, Parent as Teachers, Early Reading First and The Pre-K Summer Academies and other programs.  She is a member of CCDAA, ACSA, CCPC and NAEYC.  She is also the founder of C.A.P.E. Consultants and Author of "The Poppy Series", "The Bahama Baby Series" and “The Daddy Deploys Series”.

Shawnessy promotes rich language in an Early Education setting as well as in the family home.  She believes that parents are they key to child development and success.

                            ** Change Is Needed**

“Unfortunately there is not a lot of literature for young children about living a military life.  These children are often overlooked in literary pieces.  Parents of military families should begin to introduce military terms with child friendly definitions so that these children can develop full vocabularies and develop strategies for coping and loss. It is time that children find books about military life in the common classroom.”




The sole philosophy of C.A.P.E. Consultants is to bring back the art of story telling.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Why not tell it?  You may have the experience and the advice the others need to hear to progress in life.  Tell it as a family.  

What's Your Story?

Harlan Scott

Co-author of two non-fiction eBook series aimed to assist military families in explaining military life to young children. The purpose of the Poppy Series and Daddy Deploys is to:

  • Introduce infants and toddlers to military life through literature
  • Introduce military vocabulary
  • Give child friendly definitions for military terms
  • Give parents/caregivers confidence in explaining military concepts to young children.

Peyton Noel

Peyton Noel is the main character of the Bahama Baby Series.  The Bahama Baby Series is a story, song and worksheet series that focuses on the Preschool Learning Foundations and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).